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  Superbinder-50 Binding System
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Superbinder-50 offer customers an efficient solution for the short runs. This model is compactly designed, easy to operate and convenient to maintain. It goes through the following working procedures: manual book block feeding, spine milling and notching, spine and side gluing, manual cover feeding, book nipping and delivery.


Photoelectric control device is used to improve production efficiency: sensors are installed in the book feeding station and the collecting passage to detect wrong operation.

Spine glue is applied by the glue applying roller with glue evening roller and excessive glue scraper to ensure outstanding binding quality for every book. 

Frequency inverter is used to change speed. The maximum mechanical speed reaches 700 cycles per hour.


Book Block Feeding Station

The opening width of book clamp is
easily adjusted by the shaft washers.

Milling Station

The width of milling pressure plates is
regulated by knob adjustment. A safety
plate is installed over the milling blade.

Spine and Side Gluing Stations

These stations are regulated by knob
adjustment for the best binding effect.

Nipping Station

The width of nipping plates is adjustable
through the socket head screw for
suitable nipping force.

Books Collecting Passage

Finished books fall along the collecting
passage into the book hopper by gravity.

Machine Model  Superbinder-50          
No. of Clamps  1
Max. Mechanical Speed  Max.:700cycles/h
Book Block Length (a)  140-450mm
Book Block Width (b) 120-300mm
Book Block Thickness(c) 3-50mm
Cover Length(d)   140-455mm
Cover Width(e)   240-670mm
Power Required  7.92kw
Machine Weight  690kg
Machine Dimensions(L ×W ×H) 2610(L)*810(W)*1220Hmm
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