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  SGJ-UV Series Full Automatic UV Spot Coating Machine
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This machine is used for both full and spot varnishing on light and thick paper with accurate and even spot coating register by blanket or flexo plate. It is suitable for spot or full coating on words and graphics in books, advertisement sheets, color paperboard to enhance its dimensional quality.   

Many safeguards and human-based operating procedures ensure user safety and convenience.   

Imported elements for main bearings and electrical components are adopted in the machine. 

1.Feeding section 

High-speed feeder free from maintenance, lubrication, controlled by simple cam, easy concentrated adjustment is adopted as well as paper deflexion system monitored  by bonding of mechanical action and imported needle sensors for front and side paper stoppers to ensure sheets well-positioning, correct register.  When sheets are found deflexion, pneumatic paper-pressing  mechanism will be in action and feeding stops to protect plate roller and avoid waste. 

● Pre-stack table for machine non-stop is optional.   

2.Varnishing section 

Grippers transportion system. Impression roller and plate roller is released and pressed pneumatically. UV varnish supply system composed of reverse running rollers makes coating more smooth. UV tank is of automatic temperature control by water. 

● Chamber doctor blade system with ceramic anilox is optional. 

3.IR drying section 

This is used for water-based varnish (optional). 

4.UV curing section 

This section is composed of high-volt lamps, reflectors, electrical control, cooling, air-exhausting systems.   

Automatic temperature control system is equipped to avoid sheets deformation. Full-capacity and half-capacity are designed for lamps,that is to say, all lamps work for normal running, if lack of sheets, all the lamps will switch into half capacity to save power. 

5.Delivery section 

Turnover safety door is designed greatly convenient for operator. Speed-regulating suction roller mechanism assistant for delivery, cooling paper-pressing fans ensure big-size sheet delivered smoothly. 

●Air cooling system is optional to keep coating quality.

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