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  Rose-12000 High Speed Saddle Stitching Line
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ROSE High-Speed Saddle Stitching Line is specially designed and firmly built by employing European top quality standards and using the world´s leading stitching technologies. This stitching line is capable to perform a wide range of stitching formats cost-effectively and in a timely manner. It features on high productivity at speeds up to 12,000 cycles per hour with consistently reliable production, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to large runs.
ROSE High-Speed Saddle Stitching Line is controlled through a large icon-based SIMENS touch screen, all processes are accurately controlled and perfectly finished, from signature gathering, cover folding and feeding, stitching, trimming, and good stitched books delivery. This line also employs German Hohner stitching heads and European superior quality spare parts for its key parts, which makes Rose stable, reliable and durable.
Convenient and easy operation through large icon-based SIMENS touch screen
Large range of stitching formats from 120*110mm to 470*315mm
High-speed and high productivity up to 12,000 cycles per hour
Comprehensive quality control system to ensure reliable and precise stitching
Reject gate for faulty signature to ensure a non-stop production
Compact and robust construction with Hohner stitching heads and superior quality European imported key spare parts

Mobile Signature Feeders

All feeders are mobile and can be opened up for hand-feeding, which makes it possible to realize special signatures stitching. Up to eight compact mobile feeders with large capacity flat pile hoppers can be equipped to ensure large and consistent output. Signatures with low/high folio laps or even laps in a wide range of formats can be opened by grippers or suckers.


Easy-adjusted Feeder Gauges and Air Amount

Feeder gauges and air amount can be easily adjusted. Two BECKER pumps are equipped to provide a powerful and consistent air supply for the whole line.

Flexible Speed Change Mechanism

1:1 or 1:2 speed change mechanisms are implemented in the signature feeders, cover folder feeder and saddle stitching station (the speed of each station needs to be synchronized).


Reliable Cover Folder Feeder

The cover folder feeder of Rose can provide high-precision and reliable folded cover feeding. After the cover is scored along a predetermined line, it is folded along the scored line, fed onto the next well gathered book block and then a well gathered book is transported to the saddle stitching station.


Stitching Section

The stitching section of Rose configures two Hohner stitching heads for precise and excellent stitching, which can stitch up to 5mm thickness to meet different requirements. Even small stitching formats down to 120*110mm and big stitching formats up to 470*315mm can be stitched perfectly and durable.


Comprehensive Quality Control System

The comprehensive quality control system ensures reliable stitching quality, prefect complete products and reduces production waste significantly.


T460 Three-knife Trimmer

T460 Three-knife Trimmer Unit, as the most important part of Rose High-Speed Saddle Stitching System, plays a critical role in the appearance and quality of finished books. The three-knife trimmer is quick and easy to set up using hand wheels with position indicators. Smooth transferring and precise positioning of each untrimmed book assure that each book is accurately trimmed, first by the front cut knife, and then the head and the foot.


Stream Good Books Collection Station

Accurately trimmed stitched books are automatically transferred to the stream good books collection station. Books can be separated into group by group as per the required quantity for each group.

Machine Model Rose-12000
Max. Mechanical Speed 12000(c/h)
Max. No. of Stitching Heads 6
Max. Untrimmed Book Size (a*b) 470*315mm
Min. Untrimmed Book Size (a*b) 120*110mm
Max. Trimmed Book Size (a*b) 460*300mm
Min. Trimmed Book Size (a*b) 110*80mm
Max. Stitching Thickness (c) 10mm
Power Required 27kg
Machine Weight 7500kg
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H) 11700*5900*1450mm

Installation Space

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