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  INOVA-HP Top Printing, Roll to Roll Transfer Printing Slotting Die-cutting machine
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◆  Integrated CNC control system, troubleshooting, production management, remote maintenance.

◆  Quick printing plate mounting, motorized phase zero.                                                      
◆  Bridge platform lifting synchronous with printing gap adjustment.
◆  Choose international brand electric components and transfer bearings,  pass CE certification.

Main Console:
◆  Windows base CNC control system
◆  Remote maintenance
◆  Huge order saving
◆  Trouble-shooting
◆  Optimized order memory
◆  Production and order management
◆  Available to connect with the customer internal ERP   

Feeding Unit:
◆  Operation can be controlled by both main console and each  unit touch screen.
◆  Lead-edge feeding, adjustable air control, precious registration
◆  Precious liner guideway lateral moving
◆  Motorized side squaring and paper support
◆  Brush and dust catcher synchronic lifting.
◆  Double couple feeding roller device ,feeding rubber roller use  quick replace device

Printing unit:
◆  Operation can be controlled by both main console and each  unit touch screen.
◆  Sheet guide roller quick lateral moving.                                                                               

◆  Bridge platform lifting synchronous with printing gap adjustment.

◆  Quick printing plate mounting, motorized phase zero. 

◆  Ink saving circulate system, safety ink taking,short ink alarm.
◆  Option: Double doctor blade. 

Slotting Unit:

◆  Operation can be controlled by both main console and each unit touch screen.  
◆  Liner guideway lateral moving device with universal cross joints.
◆  Pre-creaser, creaser slotting holder motorized gap control.
◆  Box height motorized control
◆  Large displacement of middle knife.

Die-cutting Unit :
◆  Up die-cutting, clean up scrap thoroughly, motorized die-cutting pressure adjustment.

◆  Die-cutting roll pneumatic self-locking device, smooth die-cutting.

◆  Sheet guide roll displacement motorized control, quick order change.

 ◆ C.U.E quick change die-cut anvil with grinding mechanism. Precious settable speed difference compensation, ensure die-cutting accuracy.


Stacking Unit:

◆  Pneumatic lifting device for receiving arm , tightnessdegree adjustable                                                                                                                     
◆  Different speed section type stacking,  transfer belt inverter control
◆  Stacker platform lifting inverter control, protection device for lifting safety
◆  Side square. Pneumatic stacker lifting.


 Series 920 1224 1228 1628 1632
Max.machine speed(R/min) 300 250 220 180 180
Max.feeding size(L×W) 900×2000 1200×2400 1200×2800 1600×2800 1600×3200
Skip feeding size(L×W)  1100×2000  1500×2400 1500×2800 2000×2800 2000×3200
 Max.printing area(L×W)   850×1950  1150×2350 1150×2750 1550×2750 1550×3150
Min.feeding size(L×W)   300×650 350×690 450×690
Printing plate thickness           7.2
Min.slotting interval Normal  150×150  160×160
Reverse  240×60  250×70
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