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  Wj280 High Speed 5ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Product Description Specification video  
Note:Customer’s self-provided part
1.Compressor main air pipeline and glue main pipeline
2.Electrical power supply, the wires for link to operate box and circuitry pipeline
3.Water source, water feeding pipeline and barrel
4.Groundsill plane installation project for water, electricity and air
5.For testing machines material,such as paper, corn starch, caustic soda and borax 
6.The engine oil, lubricate oil, hydraulic oil, grease and high temperature lubricating grease for equipment.
7.The food, hotel for technicians of installation and test. And provide some workers to assist in installation.
8.4 tons steam boiler 1 set,steam pressure 1.6Mpa

Model No.:WJ250-1800 5 ply corrugated cardboard production line
1.Design speed:250m/min
2.Working speed:180—220m/min
3.Working width:1800mm
4.Production line size: about  meter (according to the foundation drawing)
Note:The testing paper should as per below request when tested the production line
*Reel–paper grade not less than B.    
*The moisture rate of reel paper:11%±1%
*Face paper: 120-200g/m2 
*Core Paper: 90-125g/m2
*Liner Paper: 90-150g/m2 
*Corrugated paper: 90-125g/m2

5.Steam consumption: about 4000kg/h  

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