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A4 automatic production line is composed of A4 copy paper sheeter, CHM-A4-4/5, paper ream packing machine, CHM-A4B, and box packing machine, CHM-A4DB which adopt the most advanced twin rotary knife synchronized sheeting and can finish automatic sheeting, ream packing and box packing automatically. 

Paper width: 4cutting:Gross width 850mm,net width840mm (5cutting:Gross width 1060mm,net width1050mm)
Cutting Numbers: 4/5 cutting-A4 210mm (width)
Paper Roll Diameter Max φ1200mm. Min φ600mm
Paper Core Diameter 3" (76.2mm) or 6" (152.4mm)
Paper Grade: High-grade copy paper;High-grade office paper,High grade Free Wood paper etc.
Paper Weight Range: 60-100g/㎡
Sheet Length: 297mm (specially design for A4 paper,the cutting length is 297mm)
Ream Amount: 500 sheets Max.Height:45-55mm
Production Speed: Max: 0-200 m/min(depends on different paper quality)
Max.Numbers of cutting: 47 cuts/min
Output of the ream 33 reams/min
Load of cutting: max 500 g/㎡(5×100g/㎡)
Cutting Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm
Cutting Condition: No variation of the speed, no break, cut all the paper at one time and need the eligible paper.
DRIVE AC inverter stepless speed variation
Main Power Supply: 3*380V/50HZ
Voltage: 220V AC/24V DC
Power: 32KW
Air Consumption: 300NL/min
Air Pressure: 6bar
Edge Cutting: 2×10mm

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