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  YC1450-B Automatic High Speed Flute Laminator
Product Description Specification video  

Application :  

To laminate color printed surface paper with corrugated paper in high speed. 


High Speed

1. High precision printing feeder, the Max. Speed is 12000 sheets / hour.

2. Surface Paper Transport : overlap feeding from the front part, and then transfer papers with bigger but same distance. In this way, the transport is stable with high speed.

3. Corrugated paper transport : High pressure blower controlled by servo-motor that tracing surface paper feeds bottom paper simultaneous with high reaction and speed. During the corrugated paper feeding process, the space is kept the same with surface paper by stable tracing system.

4. The surface paper are positioned by particular inclined lay during transport process, no surface paper block, no scratch, high stability and smooth.

High efficiency

1.Setting paper size, distance according to paper size; adjusting paper distance automatically to increase the efficiency.

2.Laminating position fixed by Servo-motor tracing system, the distance of surface paper beyond bottom paper adjusted by change the number in the operation interface.

3.Paper pile turning automatically, delivery paper piles forward and reverse, hydraulic trolley take the paper instead delivery by people, labor saving, easy and quick.

4. Secondary delivery unit dropping automatically, delivery continuously without machine stopping. 

5. Paper pile automatic exporting device is optional connecting with transportation.

6. To Adjust and change paper easily with scale and indicator.

Safe and easy operation

1. PLC controlled together with man-machine interface to display the operation state, malfunction and its description and operation requirement. All the settings are displayed in the screen and changed by the function button according to instruction in the man-machine interface.

2. Many sensors and safe devices, to make the sure the machine runs well and safety of worker. All the malfunctions will be displayed in the screen dynamically, problem eliminating and operation are very easy.

3.Scale plate, guide pointer device, ensure the easy adjusting when paper change.

Good components

1. System controlled by motion controller to ensure high precision position control. Instant reaction, high operation speed, stable performance.

2. All the key steel parts, like steel frame, camshaft are high grade steel ones and machined in CNC center with high precision to ensure the stability.

3. High speed operation parts, like shafts, rollers are high grade steel ones and after thermal refining, and dynamic balance processing to make the sure the stability when running in high speed in the long run.

4. Conveyors, chains, bearings and so on are famous brand in domestic and overseas to ensure the stability in the long run.

5. Electric parts are from international brand such as Omron, Schneider, IDEC and so on.

6. Motors are famous brand in domestic and overseas to ensure the stable driving power.

ISO9001 quality system has executed thoroughly. Incoming quality control, part testing, installation processes inspection, whole machine testing are all strictly controlled.



Max. Sheet Size :           


Min. Sheet Size: 


Thickness of Surface Paper :


Thickness of Bottom Paper: 


Max. Speed:  

10000 sheets/h160M/ min

Laminating Precision :


L×W×H (pedal not included) :


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