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  KLJ-600 Automatic Cross Grooving Machine
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1.Feeding and correcting  part

Use belt feeding board and use press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight

2.First time grooving and chip removal

Use the belt bind the board on the surface of roller to keep precision and remove chip each time

3.Board turn around system

Our company was awarded the invention patent: 90° turn around system

4.Second time grooving and correcting part

Second time grooving part use press wheel together with belt to keep the board straight again Guarantee final products percent of pass

5.Second time grooving part

6.Final products automatic collection.

7.Convenient adjust belts and cutting knives size

Technical parameters
Size of Work Piece 150-600mm
Thickness of Work Piece 1.5-3.0mm
S1itter size of Work Piece 150x120 - 600x600 mm
Speed 110pcs/min
Accuracy ±O.15mm
Groove Degree 80°-140°
Tolal Number of Groove one direction 4 lane
Power 5kw
Dimension 4700X1800X1650mm
Weight 2800kg

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