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  ZD-QFJ08/13/18/21C Full Auto Roll-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine
Product Description Specification video  

Functions: produce paper bags with twisted handles inline.

Max. Production Speed: 120 bags/min

Paper Thickness: 90~180 gsm

This machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with handless from paper roll, paper patch roll and paper rope, and it is an ideal equipment for producing paper handbags fast.

By implementing steps including handle making, handle application, tube forming, tube cytting and bottom forming withing a fully automatic process, this machine can effectively save labor costs.
The equippped photoelectric detector can connect cutting length, so as to ensure cutting precision.
SIEMENS PLC system and adjustable dual-moulds structure, ensure that the machine can perform quickly and stably, as well as reduce adjusting time for different bag sizes.
Special bags collection platform and counting function.
Improve packing efficiency of finished paper bags.

Thanks to perfect technologies and fast production speed, this machine can produce paper handbags with high quality in many different forms, which are especially suitable for food and clothing industries.

Paper Roll Width 430-770mm(310-770mm) 450-970mm 660-1290mm(620-1290mm) 630-1510mm
Max.Paper Roll Diameter φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm
Material Core Diameter φ78mm(3") φ78mm(3") φ78mm(3") φ78mm(3")
Paper Thickness 45-140g/m² 60-170g/m² 90-180g/m² 80-180g/m²
Bag Body Width 150-220g/m²(90-220mm) 200-320g/m²(150-320mm) 240-450g/m²(220-450mm) 220-540mm
Paper Tube Length 230-370mm(220-470mm) 270-430mm(270-530mm) 380-640mm(380-760mm) 400-650mm(400-770mm)
Bag Bottom Size 50-140mm 60-150mm 90-180mm 80-200mm
Handle Rope Height 110mm 110mm 110mm 110mm
Handle Rope Diameter φ4-φ8mm φ4-φ8mm φ4-φ8mm φ4-φ8mm
Handle Patch Length 114.3mm 152.4mm 203.2mm 190.5mm
Handle Patch Width 40-50mm 40-50mm 40-50mm 40-50mm
Paper Patch Roll Diameter φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm φ1200mm
Paper Patch Roll Width 80-100mm 80-100mm 80-100mm 80-100mm
Paper Patch Thickness 110-250g/m² 110-250g/m² 110-250g/m² 110-250g/m²
Max.Production Speed  150bags/min(220bags/min) 135bags/min(220bags/min) 120bags/min 120bags/min
Total Power 28kW 38kW 43kW 38kW
Total Weight 15000kg 18000kg 18000kg 20000kg
Overall Dimension L11000×W4000×H1800mm L13000×W8000×H2600mm L14500×W6000×H2500mm L14000×W5500×H2200mm
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