Double station Diecutter and Foil-stamper
Die-Cutting Machine 130 Format
T-serie Die-cutting Machine
Manual Foil-stamping Machine
Manual Die-Cutter
Die-Cutting Machine 80 Format
Die Cutting Machine 106 Format
Die Cutting Machine 165 Format
Semi-auto Die Cutting Machine
Foil Stamping Machine
Folder Gluer Premium Version
Board to Board Laminator
Stripping Machine
Window Patching Machine
Inspection Machine
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Feature: Use the machine arm instead of manual products, improve efficiency and operational safety

Automatic refueling, automatic regular lubrication system, to avoid staff to forget to add lubricant, timely maintenance, greatly extend the service life ofthe machine

Y axis independent moving unit hidden, a one-time solution to the motor drive, the safety of the screw leakage, the servo motor direct drive screw, moving

The operation panel adopts the visual button to avoid the safety accident caused by wrong operation.Easy to understand the state of the machine

Safety fence, completely avoid the danger of personnel around the machine running

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