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  C80 Die-cutting Machine
Product Description Specification video  

Feeding Unit

● High quality feeder made in Taiwan with 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers  for forwarding paper 

ensure stable and fast feeding paper.  The height and angle of suckers are easily adjustable to keep 

sheets absolutely straight.

● Pre-piling device makes non-stop feeding with high pile (Max. pile height is up to 1600mm).

● Vacuum pump is from German Becker. 

● The side lays can be switched directly between pull and push mode on both sides of the machine simply by turning a

 bolt without having to add or remove parts. This provides the flexibility for processing a wide range of material: irrespective 

of whether the register marks are to the left or right of the sheet.

● Side and front lays are with precision optical sensors, which can detect dark color and plastic sheet. The sensitivity

 is adjustable.

● Anti-obstacle device can avoid the machine damage. 

● Operation panel for feeding part is easier to control the feeding process with LED displayer.

Die-cutting & Stripping Unit


● Pneumatic lock system locks up and releases the cutting chase and cutting plate.

● Max. die-cutting pressure can be up to 300 tons. The required pressure can be easily set up on touch screen controlled by servo pressure
adjustment system.


● Centerline registration system on die-cutting chase with micro transversal adjustment ensures accurate registration while quick job shifting.


● Pneumatic lifting cutting plate for easy slide in and out.
● Easy way to turn over and change die-cutting chase and plate to shorten setup time.


● High quality gripper plate from Japan with long life time.

● High quality German imported chain with pre-extended ensure stability and accuracy in long run.

● Automatic lubrication and cooling system for main drive and automatic lubrication for main chain.


● Overload protection device with torque limiter in index box for the highest safety of operator and equipment.
● Crank shafts and worm rod is made of 40 Cr Harden Heat treatment. Worm Gear is made of Copper.

● High quality imported air clutch.


● SMC pneumatic components.


● The upper, middle and lower stripping frames are controlled respectively by 3 GPRS of cam wheels.
   Match with the centerline registration system in die-cutting section.

● The same system also apply to the stripping station to minimize changeover time. Accurate positioning can increase production
Pre-make ready table for the stripping device( *Option)

Specification C-80Q C-80
Sheet Size Max 800*600mm 800*600mm
Min 297*210mm 297*210mm
Max. Die-cutting Size 785*585mm 785*585mm
Gripper Margin 7mm-17mm 7mm-17mm
Pressure 150 Ton 150 Ton
Paper Thickness 90-2000GSM Card Board
0.1-3mm Card Board
≤4mm Corrugated Paper(Only In Die-cutting)
90-2000GSM Card Board
0.1-3mm Card Board
≤4mm Corrugated Paper(Only In Die-cutting)
Max. Die-cutting Speed 7500 S/H 7500 S/H
Max. Pile Height At Feeder 1400 mm 1400 mm
Max. Pile Height At Delivery 1150 mm 1150 mm
Main Motor Power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Total Power 13kw 13kw
Weight 12.3 Ton 11.5 Ton
Overall Dimension 5670*3900*2370mm 4830*3900*2370mm
Air Source 0.5-0.8mpa,600L/Min 0.5-0.8mpa,600L/Min

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