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  NC servo thin blade slitter scorer
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Product Description:

· As the important equipment of the dry segment of corrugated equipment, it completes the accurate impression

 and high quality cutting of the cardboard, and adopts the whole computer control,

 automatic change job, thus reducing the waste of shutdown and improve the production efficiency.


• Consists of high-quality imported industrial computers and high-performance programmable controllers to form upper and lower computer control systems;

• Use high-quality linear guide to guide, high-precision ball screw drive pair to ensure that the cutting, pressure mechanical positioning accuracy to ≤ ±0.5mm;

• 999 memory, to achieve non - stop  automatic job changing or manually  job changing;

• Automatically track the speed of the production line to ensure synchronization and connect with the production management system, various compatibility 

• Job changing requires 3-6 seconds(servo type 3 seconds) to change a job , when applying 2 machines ,  can achieve high speed job changing and less waste:

•Adopt thin dock steel alloy knife, sharp blade, long service life for more than 8 million meters;

• Use patented passive sharpeners, lightweight, easy to maintain;

•  Automatic computer control  sharpening or manual sharpening,can sharpening while cutting, improve production efficiency;

• Three kinds of impression  type:convex to concave (three-layer board), convex to concave (five-layer board) convex flat, three kinds of pressure line type can be electric conversion;

. The depth of the line can be automatically controlled by the computer, and the line is good, easy to shape;

• Imported timing belt transmission with high precision, long life and low running noise.

Model NCFU-SK-1800-5/8-XXX-I NCFU-SK-2200-6/10-XXX-I NCFU-SK-2500-7/12-XXX-I

Dimensions(0 pressure)

3764x1650x2340mm 4164x1650x2340mm 4464x1650x2340mm
Dimensions(pre-pressure) 3764x1970x2340mm 4164x1970x2340mm 4464x1970x2340mm
Max.cutting width 1850mm 2250mm 2550mm
Min.cutting width 135mm 135mm 135mm
Total power(0 pressure/pre-pressure) 16.25KW/21.75KW 20.25KW/25.75KW 20.25KW.25.75KW

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