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  MWB 1160Q/1300Q/1450Q/1620Q die-cutter with stripping
Product Description Specification video  

Semi-automatic die-cutting machine is one of the best selling machines in Century, mainly cutting the

cardboard (>250g ) and the corrugated board (≤9mm) , and is suitable for boxes, especially curved board.

Various sizes and thicknesses, wide range. Needle and gripper feeder, the paper type is
cardboard and 9mm corrugated board. Customer can choose according to the paper

Die-cutting Part: Imported components, command is accurate.
The main chains adopt over loading driving chain with good quality, also the length with high
intensity, good peformance at tensile strengthand wear resistant.

PLC control, safe and reliable. Electrical Control Part: PLC control is adopted in Electronic
Control System. There are various safe guarding devices that when acαdent occurs, it
will give an alarm by sound and light and shutdown automatically to protect safety of man
and machine

Bearing shell connected, runmng is steady. Main Driving System: The main driving system adopts
worm wheel and worm gear pair and speclal crank shaft linkage mechanlsm connected by bearing shell
whlch can reduce locomotive gap, avold impacting and ensure smooth running. Pressure of die-cutting
is high.

High precision chain, better performance. Main Chain Drive: The main chains adopt over loading
driving chain with good quality, also the length with high intensity, good performance at tensile
strength and wear resistant.

Two options of delivery way ,wide selection. There are two options of delivery way , pallet or
trailer. Photoelectric detection device ensures fast and smooth delivery.

Model 1160Q 1300Q 1450Q 1620Q
Max.paper size 1180x900mm 1330x980mm 1480x1080mm 1650x1210mm
Min.paper size 450x400mm 550x480mm 550x480mm 650x550mm
Max. cutting size 1160x880mm 1300x960mm 1450x1050mm 1620x1190mm
Max. cutting pressure 200x104N 250x104N 300x104N 300x104N
Stock range Corrugated board 1-7mm Corrugated board≤9mm Corrugated board≤9mm Corrugated board≤9mm
Cutting precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Max. mechanical speed 4200s/h 4200s/h 4000s/h 3600s/h
Pressure adjusting range ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm
Min. Gripper margin Gripper≥8mm Gripper≥8mm Gripper≥8mm Pin≥10mm Gripper≥10mm
Inner chase size 1190x910mm 1330x990mm 1480x1080mm 1646x1220mm
Total power 13.3kw 17kw 21kw 21kw
Machine Dimension
(include the work platform 、prefeeder)
6825x4275x2400mm 7440x4640x2425mm 7750x4860x2440mm 8150x5155x2500mm
Machine Dimension
(exclude the work platform 、prefeeder、die change frame)
4525x2325x2160mm 4830x2535x2225mm 5140x2605x2240mm 5500x2900x2400mm
Gripper/needle number/each 9/14 10/16 11/18 12/20
Total weight ~14t ~17t ~19t ~24t
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