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YDFM-A-series of laminating machine is a multi-functional laminator which is newly developed upon customers´ feedback and market needs, and suitable for pre-glued film and glueless film. This machine doesn´t need glue and can laminate paper with pre-glue film or glueless film in certain temperature and pressure. The machine avoids environmental pollution and toxic residuum from traditional laminating technology, and reduces energy-loss and saves production costs. The machine is widely used for the lamination of packing box, food box, books and
drawings etc. The laminated products will be water-proof, durable, of clear picture and good spatial effect. The machine is equipped with frequency convener to adjust working speed . The heating roll adopts built- in oil heating system. Hydraulic system provides big pressure for lamination The whole machine has the features of high speed, low noise and stable running.
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