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  R 130 Y Die-cutting and Foil Stamping Machine
Product Description Specification video  


1.The longitudinal full format foil feeding system make it possible to stamp the foils in longitudinal and

transversal direction at the same time which helps greatly in saving waste foils as well as the time to change


2.The longitudinal shaft is made of Aluminum and can be set up to 6 shafts with independent servo control

depending on customer´s demand.

The servo system is from japan, Yaskawa. Brush roller is applied for waste foil.

Foil holder can be polled out from machine as user-friendly design to change new foil. Max. diameter:250mm

3. The transversal shaft is made of Aluminum and can be set up to 2 shafts with independent servo control

depending on customer´s demand. The servo system is from japan, Yaskawa.

4.20 individually controlled heating zone with tolerance ±1 can distribute heat into multiple small area that is more

reasonable and eco-friendlu.

The honeycomb board is made of ductile iron with less thermal deformation.

5.The longitudinal and transversal 2-directional air blowing foil separation device is used for big area stamping

6. Man-machine interface with touch function can be used to set up different short and long pulls.

Alarm will be activated when the foil length is less than 6m.

Computerized foil monitoring system indicates used and residual foil length.

7.Optional:Foil break detector.

8.Optional:6 rollers foil rewinding unit Model: WFR-280

9.Servo motor to control pressure automatically.

Original Japanese gripper, more durable.

The operating system uses the humanized design

The parts and parts of the feeder can be controlled by the  computer system computer angle 

can be adjusted according to the operator´s own visual requirements.


Adopt the famous brand of electrical components, e.g.

Pilz safety module, Muller replay, Schneider inverter and air switch etc.

Double cam gripper bar system, offered by KOMORI.

Double cam gripper bar could deliver the smoothest sheet acceleration and deceleration. 

Each movement of the gripper bar is perfectly controlled.

Suitable for a wider range of paper and higher speed.

19"HD touch screen equipped. 

All the setting and function could be easily set through this touch screen.

Unique operation system based on the special knowledge of the machine,

Automatic lubrication system

Through the touch scree, you could set the time and quantity to lubricate.

This machines is used in famous brand electrical components, including PILZ safety relay, Muller relay,

Schneider inverter contactor and air switch.

japan sankyo index box.

Quick center positioning, Plate location memory.

Model R103Y
 Max. sheet size  mm 1300*950
 Min. sheet size  mm 550*450
Max. die-cutting size mm 1285*935
Max. stamping size mm 1260*920
Die size mm 1340*960
cutting plate  mm 4+1
height of die-cutting rule  mm 23.8
Fist cutting rule mm 13
Gripper margin mm 7-17
Carton board g/m2 90-2000
Carton board mm 0.1-3
Corrugated board mm ≤4
Max. cutting force t 450
Max. die-cutting speed S/H 6500
Max. stamping speed 5000
Max. hologram speed S/H 4000
Feed pile height (incl. palet) mm 1600
Delivery pile height (incl. palet) mm 1350
Zones individualy controlled 16warm area
Temperature 20-200
Max. foil reel diameter Φ300
foil core 25.4/76.2
Main motor power kw 15
Total poewr kw 53
Voltage v 380±5%  50HZ
Cable mm2 16
Compressed air bar 6-8
Air flow L/Min 650

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