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  TBT50/5F PUR perfect binder
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The TBT50/5F/5E oval perfect binder is a high-tech perfect binding machine for the 21st century. It can be used with sticker strips, gauze paper strips, and large covers at the same time, or it can be used alone, or hot melt glue (EVA) and PUR glue fast interchange

       This machine adopts a computer operating system, milling back cover, side rubber wheels, package table, cover size adjustment, computer automatic input can be completed in one minute, frequency conversion speed control, PLC programmable controller, electro-optical recognition, Many advanced technologies such as automatic detection control and touch screen. Adhesive gluing has the function of front and back breaking glue, milling spine, breaking glue pot and adjusting the cover with digital display function. The creasing wheel has a non-stop fine-tuning function, and the book receiving structure is horizontal, which better protects the forming of the book spine. This machine can be used for both thread-locking and wireless binding. It is an ideal equipment for wireless perfect binding or wired perfect binding for various printing factories and printing factories of colleges and universities.

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