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  FZS1200 Pile turner
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1.Dust removing

Before printing, the paper fibers, paper scraps and dusts will be removed to improve the printing quality and lower the rejection rate. By the way, it can stop the dusts into the printing machine to increase the service life of printing machine.

After printing, removing printing power, speeding the ink drying, separating papers and dirty in back paper can be achieved.

2.Separation of paper

After the vibration and air jetting, the pile is filled with air cushion between of the sheets, in this way, mis-feeds can be avoided.


With the vibration platform and high pressure blower, the whole pile paper can be aligned at one time.

4.Static remove(optional)

Air with ionized air reduces the electrostatic charge which may affect the finishing process of coated and printed paper or plastic foil.

5.Odor Neutralizing

Very important for food packaging


For the piles of double-sided printing paper, the pile turning will improve the work efficiency and lower the intensity of work. The working environment will be much better for workers.

7.High efficiency easy operation

For average, the turning, powder removing, separation of paper and aligning, the processes takes about 4-5 minutes.

Everyone can handle the machine.  

Technical Data:

     Max. weight of a stack(including pallets)        1000KG

     Paper format                               Max. 800×1200MM

                                              Min. 360×560MM

     Width between the platforms                  Min.  710MM

                                              Max.  1470MM

     Electrical data

     Voltage:                               3P 400V AC 50HZ 

     Capacity                                1 Fan             2 Fans

     With ventilation/aeration system             5.9KW            9.6KW

     With ventilation and jogging system          6.3KW            10KW


     Pressure                                Max. 16MPA

     Hydraulic oil                            Summer 46#    Winter 32#

     Hydraulic oil tank capacity                 12 Litre


     Machine,excluding packing                 2500KG

     Machine                                2370×2090×1890MM

     Operating space                                3700×3400×200MM

     Noise                                   <70db

     Ambient Conditions



Temperature                    -15℃~+50℃

             Temperature                    Dry, roof over

                                     Relative humidity no more than 80% 
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