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  JY-1650 Automatic Diecutter
Product Description Specification video  
Features and Specification:
--The main is running steady with strengthened driving system,and easy for maintenance.
--Motor controlled by transducers are available for automatic timing, saving power and stable running.
--Electric adjustment system for space of carriers
--Feeder is controlled by a separate motor.Paper is fed by several thick belts under the help of vibration motor.Feeding is continuous,exact and automatic with this system.
--Two sets of gluing units:top units for bottom glue and lower unit for side glue. All standard glue units apply line glue. Space adjustment is through the tooth rods.
--Pre-folding section or correction section is for option as per real needs. In the pre-folding part, the first fold at 180° and the third fold at 90°,the second and forth fold box at 180°. The correction section helps paper running and folding in the right line. Pre-folding in 135°is optional. 
--Grinders are provided in both side of machine, to make gluing more stable and firm.
--PLC system , touch screen, remote control and diagnosis system is equipped for easy operation. Photoelectric system for speed control in pressing unit. Counting through sensor and electromagnet kicking.
--Pressing unit with pneumatic device. ith pneumatic device.Upper belt can work separately. Pressing by sponge belt to ensure product in perfect condition.  Collection table helps to collect boxes quickly. 

Line speed

0-200m/min , Continuous adjustment

Usage paper

250-700 g/ms, paperboard, 4/6 corner box thickness >=300 g/ms

Box forming

4/6corner box, bottom-lock, straight box, double walls

Fold method

1st fold 135°, 3rd folds 90°, 2nd & 4th folds 180° 

Paper feeding

Automatic feeding, grinding unit


9.0 kw

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