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  Challenger-6000e Binding System
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Challenger-6000e Perfect Binder, with 15 book clamps and speed up to 6000 cycles per hour, is an improved model of Challenger-5000. Make-ready and changeover time is greatly shortened with its newly added automatic adjustment functions. Challenger-6000e Perfect Binder features on outstanding binding quality, faster speed and higher degree of automation, which makes it an ideal choice for medium to short runs. Easy and convenient operation though the icon-based touch screen.
Short make-ready time and quick changeover for different binding formats
High automation with critical parts controlled by servo motors
High productivity at 6000 books/ hour with thickness up to 50mm
Two milling stations for a versatile range of top- quality spine preparation
Rigid nipping and cover scoring stations for strong and accurate binding
Durable construction with using of imported high quality European spare parts as key parts
Easy changeover between EVA and PUR glue application system

Control Stations with Touch Screen

Interactive operation menu provides simple and quick control of the machine. All necessary setting can be performed through the icon-based touch screen. It also serves as an error indicator.


Book Clamps Unit

Durable: The 15 book clamps employ aluminum die casting alloy plates and German torsion springs, which can provide stable and reliable clamping force to ensure high accuracy of each production step.
Stable: Three critical points control (up, middle and down points) of book clamps keeps the clamps to be stable in the processes of milling, gluing and cover feeding even in a fast speed.
Automatic: Book clamps are driven and controlled by servo-motor, which enables automatic adjustment of the opening width of clamps. 


Spine Milling Station

Challenger-6000e Binder has two spine preparation stations for milling and notching with reliable suction removal of dust and paper particles, which makes sure that the spines are well prepared for firm binding quality. The height and opening width of the milling and notching stations are automatically controlled by servo motors. The accuracy of milling can be controlled within 0.1mm. Binding with milling can be easily changed to binding without milling for sewn book blocks.


Gluing Unit

Accurate and Even Spine Gluing: Thanks to the servo motor control system, the spine gluing length and thickness can be accurately adjusted through touch screen which ensures accurate and even spine.
Even and Thin Side Gluing: The opening width and height of two side gluing rollers are also automatically adjusted through touch screen.
Automatically Cycled Gluing Tanks: For both spine gluing station and side gluing station, the glue in the pre-melting tank and the gluing tank is automatically cycled, which keeps the height of glue in the gluing tank very stable. Furthermore, the gluing temperature is automatically monitored by the electrical monitoring system to ensure a consistent and reliable binding quality.
Movable gluing unit allows easy changeover between PUR and EVA gluing application.


Stream Cover Feeding Unit

Stable and Efficient: The flat in-feed design of cover feeder allows a large quantity of covers to be loaded and fed stably. Covers only need to be added every 30 minutes, which saves a lot of operation time. The side guide gauges in the cover feeder can be automatically adjusted through the touch screen. Covers with flaps can also be smoothly fed through the wide horizontal cover feeding table. 


Cover Scoring Unit

The opening width of cover scoring rollers can be automatically and accurately adjusted according to the book thickness. The specially designed dual-axis scoring rollers of large diameter enable straight and nice-looking scoring lines. Books of only 2mm thickness can also be scored perfectly.

Nipping Unit

A superior nipping system made with imported high-quality nipping cam exerts powerful nipping pressure to create rigid binding with sharp spine corners.

Machine   Model Challenger-6000e
No. of Clamps 15
Max. Mechanical Speed 1000-6000cycles/h
Book block length(a) 140-460mm
Book block width(b) 120-270mm
Book block thickness(c) 3-50mm
Cover length 140-470mm
Cover width 250-640mm
Power required 55kw
Machine weight 5800kg
Mechanical dimensions (LxWxH) 9950*1900*1500mm

Installation Space

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