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1.    It adopts PLC control, featuring in simple operation. The troubles are displayed directly on the HIMI, which helps the operator easily solve it

2.    The cardboard feeder is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, it’s location is correct and quick

3.    With a powerful sucker motor to keep the cardboard without any movement

4.    In the cardboard feeder, the machine can automatically stop when lack of cardboard to reduce the waster

5.    Durable knife equips with grinder which makes operation easier

6.    Wide use: can be used in the slots of the cardboard and MDF and other materials etc.

Model AGM1000P
Width of paper board 120-950mm
Length of paper board 60-420mm
Slot Gap 0-950mm
Thickness of Paper Board 1.0-3.0..
Number of Slots at one time 8 Pcs
Slotting Speed 5.5Kw/380V 3phase
Motor Power 20-25m/min
Machine Weight 2200Kg
Machine Dimension 1800*1300*1200mm
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