LRY-330 Multi-function Automatic Flexo-Graphic Printing machine

Short Description:

The machine is including laminating unit, strapping unit, three die cutting stations, turn bar and waster wrapper.

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Technical Parameters

Material width 330mm
Printing width 320mm
Printing girth 175-380mm
Max. unwind diameter 650mm
Max. rewind diameter 650mm
Printing speed 10-80m/min
Accuracy of registration ±0.15mm

Spare Parts’ Detail

Part name Qty Description
Printing roller 3 sets the size is determined by the user from 57teeth to 120teeth
Anilox cylinders 1 set the lines can be chosen from 200 to 1000 by the user
Mounting machine 1 set  
Turn bar 1 set  
Unwind tension Controller 1 piece Mitsubishi of Japan
Transducer 1 pc Taiwan
Rewind tension Controller 1 piece made in China
Magnetic power Brake 3 pcs China
Electromagnetism Valve 2 pcs Japan
Inverter   Taiwan
Stop automatic when paper lack
Machine stop automatic when the paper broken
Contactor   Schneider France
Time replay 1 pc Taiwan
Solid reply 2 pcs Japan
Temperature Controller   China
All air Switches   Schneider France
Other low-pressure Wiring Schneider   France/ China


1. The main motor adopts imported inverter to govern a stepless speed adjustment.

2. Feeding and rewinding are controlled through magnetic particle brake and clutch (Japanese Mitsubishi auto tension controller).
3. Un winder system is controlled by edge guide sensor.
4. Adopt ceramic anilox roller which offers durability, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, also is more efficient on production by reducing the times of changing rollers.
5. The printing units are all equipped with a group of infrared dryers respectively.
6. Each IR dryer device of printing unit is interchangeable to UV dryer.
7. Un winder and re winder adopt air core holder.
8. The printing unit can register in 360 degrees. Each printing unit can be independently geared and loosen to have rest of units continue to printing.
9. The roll feeding, printing, UV vanish, auto infrared drying, laminating and rewinding can be processed in one pass. It has characterized by wide application, fast printing speed and high economic efficiency Ink will not contaminate environment. So it is an idea printing machine for the business form, Tag and high end pressure sensitive label.

The photo is: LRY-330 Flexo-printing machine:6colors+6UV dryer+6 IR dryer (Taiwan, 4.8KW) + conveyor belt (OPTIONAL)+ CCD camera (BST, Germany, OPTIONAL) + Cold foil (OPTIONAL) + web guide (BST Germany)

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This photo is standard ink box, you can change to be Enclosed doctor chamber and ink pump.



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