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Service and Quality Control

1. Select qualified products of reliable manufacturer with stable good cooperation.

2. Formulate “CHECK LIST” to examine checking items of machine according to the customer’s requirement of each order (particularly local agent lists more about his local market).

3. Assigned quality supervisor will check with all items listed on ‘EUREKA CARD’from related configuration, outlook, testing result, package and etc. before the Eureka label are put on the machine.

4. Timely delivery according to contract with mutually periodical production tracking.

5. Part list is a provision for the customer with reference to mutual agreement or previous experience to guarantee his punctual after-sales service for end-users (the local agent is particularly recommended). During the guarantee, if the broken parts is not in the stock of agent, Eureka will promise to deliver the parts within at most 5 days.

6. Engineers will be dispatched in time for installation with planned schedule and visa carried out by us if necessary.

7. Exclusive agent right will be authorized by a tri-agreement between EUREKA, manufacturer and himself to guarantee solo sales qualification for the upgraded local agent who fulfills planned volumes in fixed duration listed in previous agent agreement. Meanwhile, Eureka will play a indispensable role in supervising and protecting the solo sales qualification of agent.

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