FM-CS1020-1350 6 COLORS Flexo Printing Machine

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FM-CS1020 is suitable for eco-friendly packing, such as the paper bag used for food and healthcare industry, paper box, paper cup, the pre-printing carton of paper bag courier, milk carton medicine use.

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Main Characteristics

1.Petal type plate mounting anilox and cylinder with quick change structure.
2.Printing unit easy operation, cylinder and anilox pressing once successfully.
3.Plate full servo shaftless transmission, automatically pre-print, time saving & material saving.
4.Registering remains the same during lifting process.
5.Register position automatic memory function.

Technical Parameters

Specification 39.5” (1000) 50” (1270) 53” (1350)
Max. Web Width 1020mm 1300mm 1350mm
Max. Printing Width 1000mm 1270mm 1320mm
Printing Repeat 300-1200mm 300-1200mm 300-1200mm
Max. Unwinder Diameter 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm
Max. Rewinder Diameter 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm
Gearing 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp
Max. Speed 240m/min 240m/min 240m/min
Diameter of Web Roller 100mm 100mm 100mm
Drying Mode Hot Air Drying/ IR Drying/ UV Drying
Substrate Substrate: 80-450 Art Paper, A Luminum Foil Paper, BOPP, PET, Paper Board, Kraft Paper

Parts Details

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Parts Details (4)

1.Unwinding Unit
● Shaftless unwinding unit
● Unwind unit 60”(1524mm)capacity
● Mandrel 3” and 6” diameter
● Hydraulic paper shaft lifting and descending device: mainly used for loading and unloading of paper rollers, no need of forklift or other handling tools
● Web break sensor, automatically shut down when paper broken

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2.Web Guide System
● Paper Splicing Table : with pneumatic paper holding device.
● Ball screw electric actuator
● Adopt the photoelectric sensor for web guide transmission
● Electronic web guide traction device. If there is any excursion in paper feeding,the system will have a constant and accurate adjustment
● Adopt closed loop control system to accurately detect the deviation and correct it
● Hard Anodization to the paper guide HV 800-1000
● Inspection:the edge
● Web Guide precision:±0.02mm

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3. In-feed Tension Control Unit
● Use the double side pressure rubber roller to clutch and feed paper and to ensure the tension
● Infeed unit with servo motor drive, epicyclic gear box

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4.Printing Units(shaftless, single servo motor drive in each station)
● Servo motor conrtol press cylinder,can realized the pre register function, the anilox roll and printing cylinder are gear box drive
● Plate cylinders is designed in flower type structure and the plates can be changed without tools and no need adjust the pressure.
● The machine double sides frame is made of overall alloy and cast iron, which improves the stable performance and durability of the press machine
● High precision ceramic anilox roll with micro-metric adjustment
● Automaticc vertical registration.
● Reversed single doctor blade
● self-cleaning plate feature.The anilox and plate cylinders release alternately, transfering residual ink to the paper when machine stop, leaving the printing plates clean and minimizing the need of hand to clean the plates
● When press stops, the anilox roll continuous running. Hence avoiding permanent damage, which is caused by ink drying on the anilox surface

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5.Auto Register:
● The first color printing unit is the benchmark and the following printing unit registers automatically according to the first color.
● The automatic registration controller can adjust the phrase position of the servo motor according to the detected error, realizing the quick registration, improving the operating quality and the extent of automation, so the machine greatly reduces the labor intensity and attrition rate of raw materials

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6.Drying Units
● Every printing unit has one seperate drying unit
● High efficiency drying unit including infra red lamps, air blowing/suction system. Air intake adjustable, Air circulation design on the exhaust, the blower is adjustable
● Short wave infrared heating elements
● Natural air blowing assembly with exhaust fan

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7.Video Web Inspection System:
● Video is high efficiency and synchronous, can be moved left and right
● With 14-inch monitor one pcs
● one stroboscope lamp
● It can be enlarged 18 times of image

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8.Out Feed Tension Control System
● The rear tension unit is made of alloy and cast iron
● Use the double side pressure rubber to cluth and feed and to guarantee the stale tension
● unit with servo motor drive, epicyclic gear box

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9.Rewinding Unit
● rewind unit 60’’(1524mm)capacity, with 3’’ shaft,
● Hydraulic roll lift
● Web break sensor, automatically shut down when paper broken.

Parts Details (32)

10. Automatic Lubricating System
● The gear’s automatic dampening system can adjust the lubricating time and ration
● When the dampening system breaks down or the lubrication is not enough, the indicator will alarm automatically.


11.Plate Mounter
● It has a screen including the bilateral symmetrical split screen display
● It is used for the plate mounting to realize the purpose of multi-color overprinting
● One set image segmentation device


12.Web cleaner and anti-static unit
● To guarantee the cleanness of substrates
● First remove static, then clean the dust in vacuum and then remove static
● Quickly changes the print plates

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13.Corona Treater - only to be used for double PE coated paper rolls
● To increase ink adhesion to film side

Parts Details



Servo Motor


Rewinding tension inverter



Italy ST



Text display

Sweden Beijer

Intermediate relay

France Schneider


France Schneider


France Schneider

Terminal block

Germany Weidmuller

Control button

France Schneider

Aviation plug


Photoelectric sensor

Germany Sick

Proximity sensor

Germany Turck

Electrostatic dust collector

The British Mickey Technology

Automatic lubrication installation

BIJUR DELIMON (Sino US joint venture)

High-speed synchronous capture detection system


Anilox roller


Anilox roller one-way bearing

Japan Spring

Deep groove ball bearing

Japan NSK / Nachi

Pneumatic components

Taiwan Airtac

Corona treater

Nantong Sanxin brand

Auto color-register system



Kraft Paper, Paperboard, Coated Paper, Linear Paper, Laminated Paper, Multilayer Composite Paper, Nonwoven Paper and Carton Board Materials, etc.

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