Lunch Box Forming Machine

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High speed, high efficiency, energy saving and safe;

constant production in three shifts and finished products are counted automatically.

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Technical Parameters

Type LH-450A
Blank length(L) 200mm~520mm
Blank width(B) 200mm~500mm
Height of side flaps + lid(H) 45mm~250mm
Paper bottom width(C) 60mm~170mm
Paper bottom length(D) 60mm~220mm
Length of carton cover(H1) 50mm~270mm
Max speed 60pcs/min
Material 200~600gsm one side or double side PE coating paperboard
Voltage Three-phase 380V/50Hz(Zero wire、ground wire(five wire system)
Total power 5.5KW
Air pressure 0.6Mpa (Dry and clean compressed air)
The size of the machine(m) 2.3*1.5*1.7
Covering area(m) 4*3
The weight of the machine(t) 1

Finished Product Pictures

Lunch Box Forming Machine (4)
Lunch Box Forming Machine (5)

Finished Product Specification

Lunch Box Forming Machine (2)

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